My name is Gustav Gabrils, I'm 26 years old and a lot of people mistake my name for either Gabriel or Goodstuff. I (Gustav) am a former roadie 🎸, kindergarten employee, fishmonger , acclaimed caption author, summer camp director, ice hockey coach, one-hit wonder songwriter, and One Show Portfolio award-winner 🏆.  
As you might notice I got experience doing all sorts of things in life, and I also have experience from doing all sorts of creative work ✏️. Attention-grabbing scripts, viral activations, bold rebrandings, emotional one-liners, and even songwriting - I've done it all for some of the most renowned brands of today. 
But more than anything, I'm a copywriter who loves his job. 
I'm fueled by curiosity, collaboration and good vibes 🫂. And I'd love to chat more about all those things, cheesy 90's movies, creative outlets, and so forth over a cup of coffee ☕️. 
Just send away an email to and we'll take it from there. Vi hörs! 🤝
Experience and so forth: 

2024- Freelance Creative
2022-2024 Jr Creative at B-Reel Stockholm
2021 Creative Intern at Save Our Souls ​​​​​​​
2020 Creative Intern at King
2020-2022 Berghs School of Communication 

2022 One Show Portfolio Award Winner
2021 Memeägget: Guld
2019 Triple-Platinum Selling Record Songwriter