Save a fading memory of an alzheimers patient.
Alzheimers patients around the world loose parts of their beloved memories by every day that goes by. How can we turn long lasting memories into forever lasting, and in the meantime raise funds for the search of a cure? Through the use of the most hyped financial and tech instruments out there: NFTs and AI.

NTF stands for Non-Fungible Token, which basically means it is something irreplaceable - much like a memory. 
There are no words that can explain the loss I have suffered. At least no words that I know of. And if I once did, I would have forgotten them by now. I don’t know what I have lost. The place in the mind where loss lives and burns is nothing but empty. There is a blank space ruling my history. Sometimes it shows, sometimes not. Sometimes it covers entire pages, and sometimes just simple words.

The most painful thing about my loss is that I don’t know what I have lost. I don’t remember what I once had, the things I saw, the feelings I felt. Something that is irreplaceable have been replaced with… nothing. The irreplaceable, the non-fungible, my memories, have faded into that blank space. They’ve turned into dust. But they don’t have to. Long lasting memories waiting to disappear, can now become forever lasting memories. Because, they are Non-Fungible Memories.
Team: Gustav Gabrils, Nicolas Lindberg, Emelie Ravelli och Frida Wiita

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