A band-aid made to heal our hidden hurt
To shed a light on mental illness among children we used the symbol of physical pain and the nursing of it, and gave it a deeper purpose. 
A band-aid is easily applied on a scratch to numb the pain.
A band-aid is used to heal shallow wounds.
A band-aid is used to stop the bleeding above your skin.
It provides shelter, comfort and tells you to get back up and play on. In a few days the pain will be an itch, and just before you know it, it’s gone. Wounds are like that. They come and go.
But what if all I feel is numb?
What if I bear wounds that never seem to heal?
What if my injury lies deep beneath my skin?
Have I been robbed of my right to be a child?
Weighed down by anxiety, distress, fear, anger, and stigma, it’s impossible to feel the lightness of youth.
It’s hard to tell which cut is the deepest.
What if there was a band-aid for shallow wounds and a deeper purpose?
A band-aid made to heal our hidden hurt.
Team: Gustav Gabrils, Fabian Luthander and Anna Zetterlund

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